“Ricochet has it all; great writing, perfect plotting, and a cast of high-octane characters that brings it all together.”

Nelson Demille, #1 NYT Bestselling Author of The Maze


About Taylor

Taylor Moore is a sixth-generation Texan who grew up on a farm and ranch northwest of Houston. He is a former CIA Intelligence Officer who worked in both analysis and operations and later consulted for the Department of Defense in Theater Security Cooperation, Force Protection, and Counternarcotics. He now lives in the Texas Panhandle with his wife and two children, where he is a full-time author, screenwriter, and speaker. Ricochet is Taylor’s third novel in a series featuring Garrett Kohl.

About Ricochet

After hunting down a rogue spy as part of an elite CIA counterespionage unit, Garrett Kohl returns home to Texas in hopes of settling down and carving out a normal life. While learning the ropes of fatherhood, falling deeper in love with his high school crush, and rebuilding his wildfire ravaged cattle ranch, he is approached in secret by an engineer working at a nearby nuclear weapons plant, who is in desperate need of his help.

Praise for Taylor Moore


“Wild and gritty as a West Texas road, Ricochet snaps with action and unbridled authenticity. Taylor Moore is the real deal. I'll read anything he writes.”

—Marc Cameron, NYT Bestselling Author of Breakneck


“A thrilling tale of family and global brinkmanship set on the high plains of West Texas, Taylor Moore's Ricochet starts like wildfire and picks up speed with every page you turn.”

—Nick Petrie, author of The Runaway


“Fans of J. Todd Scott and C. J. Box will want to check out this propulsive, character-driven thriller.”

Publishers Weekly


“Set amid a vividly written backdrop of the Texas High Plains, Ricochet is a frightening portrayal of cat and mouse maneuvers that could unfortunately happen in today’s world. This high stakes thriller filled with well-drawn characters satisfies on all levels. A fine read that’s true to the Lone Star State and all Texans.”

—Reavis Z. Wortham, author of the Texas Red River Series


“A tense and irresistible thriller that fans of C. J. Box and the military action novels of Brad Taylor will savor.”

Library Journal, Starred Review


“Muscular but heartfelt, Ricochet is an adrenaline-fueled nail biter. Set in Texas but spanning the globe, Taylor Moore's latest neo-Western classic finds DEA agent Garrett Kohl trapped between duty and family, loyalty and country. Riveting, propulsive, and timely, Ricochet is the rare thriller that fires fast on all cylinders.”

—J. Todd Scott, author of The Far Empty

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